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girvan pool

Passing on public exhibition

I respond to the letter of last week from Club Member No 30.

He doubts if anyone can give a categorical time for completion on the pool complex and from previous debate on this subject I can fully understand this. However I can give the good people of Girvan and District some indication on when work ‘might’ start.

Peter Linton, Project Manager SAC informs me ... “sometime in the second half of 2015 ... however I cannot let a contract until the money for it is in place.” - does this sound familiar to anyone. In other words, there will be no pool unless £4 million pounds is found to match that of SAC.

Now I admit to being called thick many a time in my lifetime, but there must be a few thick folk in this area as quite a few people I have spoken to, question why are we waiting for £8 million to be in place when we could start something with the £4 million SAC already have. As someone said half is better than nothing. Some even suggested SAC did not have the £4 million... I ignored them.

Club Member No 30 lists all the issues close to his heart and that the Pool Project is number one. Can I remind him the Beach Pavillion closed in 2000, the pool in January 2009 and now we are informed work MIGHT start in two years time on the new pool. So 15 years later, yes 15 years, what have SAC got to show for the “priority” which is Girvan harbour development... pontoons and a car park. As I have said I might be thick, but ...

I with many others attended the last public exhibition of the new Girvan Pool ( you must remember that) and left with the glossy literature full of high hopes of what was going to happen to the harbour area. I am going to pass on this one for two reasons, I have no inclination to be taken in again, but more importantly I have a prior engagement ... I am taking my grandchildren to the Ryan Centre, Stranraer, you see I am teaching them to swim, which to my mind is far more important.

Bill Stirling


Predictions for pool

In support of Bill Stirling’s letter and Councillor Oattes’ reply from 20th November.

One of the basic fundamental dynamics of any project is set progressive time lines, apparently not Girvan Pool project.

Councillor Oattes has told us it would be before the 2012 council elections, and then tells Mr Stirling that it would be May 2013, and now he does not know, and he does not think anyone else does either.

He says he made an honest mistake, I am sure he did, it is not his honesty that is in question.

I was going to suggest we try Paul the Octopus, the one that predicted the World Cup results in 2010, there’s more chance of success than the highly paid consultants that advised councillor Oattes. But alas Paul has now got his own swimming pool in the sky.

Here is a prediction, start thinking of your excuses for the 2016 elections, because if there is nothing on the ground by then, there will be more independents standing in Girvan than you can shake a stick at.

Henry Mc Evoy

Ballybroke street


club thanks

Bowling club bazaar

Girvan Bowling Club would like to thank everyone who turned out at their Christmas Bazaar on Saturday to help them raise £1339. The big brick competition was won by Anne Mills and the doll by Jean Ingram.

Girvan Bowling Club


Shale gas is the way to go

The other day I was quietly listening to the radio when a so-called expert started to waffle on about the wonders of wind technology and the catastrophic threat of climate change.

But when it was put to this misinformed greenie that the whole of the UK contributes less than two per cent of global emissions, this pseudo-expert unbelievably countered that the UK must set an example for others to follow.

These pearls of wisdom hit the spot. “Blimey mate!” I shouted at the radio. “How much of an example must we set? How much flesh must we give?”

No doubt if Shakespeare were listening it would have conjured up a fabulous play! Indeed, I would suggest we are already setting an excellent example by achieving less than two per cent of global emissions and it is all the other countries such as China, India, Brazil and the US which contribute to over 98 per cent that need to catch up.

However, at last there is light at the end of the tunnel as the extraction of oil and gas from shale has had a huge impact on the US energy scene. Gas emits 45 per cent less carbon dioxide than coal, and costs far less than wind and solar power. In 2012, US emissions of carbon dioxide dropped to their lowest level in 20 years.

Our politicians seem unaware of the potential benefits of shale, and as a result of the green agenda, we are paying a heavy price in our energy bills, and will continue to do so, unless common sense prevails among our politicians.

Dave Haskell,

Brithdir, Cardigan.