Carrick Gazette letters to the editor

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Swimming pool

Current position

In reply to Isobel Wilson, who asked in the 15th October edition of the Gazette, why the pool project cannot be started and completed in stages.

The first thing to say is that although South Ayrshire Council have set aside £4 million of Capital Funding towards the Pool Project there is the balance of another £1 million which has to be secured and in place before any contractor and indeed the council can legally allow the work to commence. It would be totally irresponsible for many reasons to proceed on any other basis.

It should be remembered that the council has also pledged annual Revenue Funding of £200,000, this was put in place by the previous administration, which I was part of and this has benefited Girvan and South Carrick over the past four years in many ways.

Myself plus fellow councillors and council officers are working with South Carrick Community Leisure to bring the Pool Project forward as quickly as possible. I share and understand the frustration everyone feels about the lack of a swimming pool in the area, but all of us involved in taking it forward must get it right. I trust this is helpful in explaining the current situation.

With regard to “Name and address supplied” in the 15/10 Carrick Gazette if they would like to contact me on 01292 435005 or by email at “” I would be happy to explain my position on this subject.

Councillor Alec Oattes

new powers

Brown’s time warp

Since before the Referendum I have been wondering if Gordon Brown has been living in a time warp. He appears to think he is still Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer rolled into one.

His involvement on behalf of the No campaign had me wondering if he had jumped into bed with the Tories, I am almost certain he has taken thousands of Labour voters with him. He calls himself a “Proud Scot” yet his actions helped to deny Scotland its Freedom, the greatest gift any man or woman can give to his country.

When he was in power Gordon Brown, the champion of the working class let them down time after time.

This was the man who bankrupted his country. He abolished the lower tax rate hurting the working class the most . He sold off over 50% of Britain’s gold reserves when gold was at its lowest price for 20 years. Of course the former leader of the Labour party had plenty of tuition from another leader, Harold Wilson, who devalued the pound by 30% causing the cost of imports to rise by 30%, again hurting the working classes who voted them into power. It is little wonder there is nothing “great” in Great Britain anymore.

Gibby Wilson,

Girvan SNP branch


Answers still required

I would just like to thank Mr Pirrie, Chairman of Carrick Futures for his lengthy reply to my letter of 8th October 2014.

I was particularly pleased to note that Carrick Futures takes seriously it’s duty to share information about distributed funds.

I would, in furtherance to such responsibility and commitment to transparency, like to ask why Mr Pirrie failed to answer my initial questions regarding earlier donations made in support of the Barr play park and the purchase of the former Davidson Hospital?

Details which unfortunately don’t appear to be accessible on the given website of carrick futures ?

In ending I would also like to point out that I fully accept that funds generated from Windfarm Trusts are not ‘public funds’ in that they are not from local council or the government.Mr Pirrie may therefore be correct in stating that they are ‘private funds’ which are gifted to Carrick Futures by Scottish Power Renewables ( SPR ). This gift to Carrick Futures is, I believe, however made by SPR to benefit the wider local community and thereby the local ‘public’.

The fund is certainly not to provide Carrick Futures with a ‘pet project’ fund. Mr Pirrie may choose to ‘ window dress’ his wording but at the end of the day, the Trustees of Carrick Futures are accountable to the wider community and the local public for their administration and distribution of the Windfarm Funds.

So how much money was actually awarded to Barr playpark and to Ailsa Horizons for the purchase of the former Davidson Cottage Hospital?

A straightforward question which hopefully will allow Mr Pirrie to give us a straightforward answer.

Name and address supplied

armed forces

Give your support

Your readers will be aware of the new role that 40 troops from our local Regiment are about to undertake regarding the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. Our Soldiers are once again called upon to help another nations citizens, this time as part of a 750 strong team from the UK military that will try to prevent this horrendous virus from spreading across the globe.

I am sure that your readers will join me in wishing them all well and ensuring that they know that they are well supported in doing the task ahead of them.

Looking at the press releases it appears that there was a queue of volunteers to help with this new problem from the Royal Scot Borderers.

We all should be really proud to be associated with this fantastic Regiment.

Archie Dryburgh

Armed Forces Champion

Dumfries and Galloway Council