Cats’ Corner

Adair and Marceau
Adair and Marceau

South Ayrshire Cats Protection have two lovely male, semi-ferals looking for a new home together. Adair is a red tabby and Marceau is mainly white.

They are both six months old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Adair and Marceau should make very good mousers and would therefore be ideal for a farm, stables or small holding. They will need a warm place to sleep and have to be provided with fresh water and food daily. Please phone SACP on 08453714216 if you are interested in homing these cats.

Many thanks to all the supporters of our Cat Protection charity. To those that sold our Harbour Raffle Books, and to the people who purchased them. After our expenses, the profit was £998.50p. Well done to everyone, this will greatly aid our work.