Cats’ Corner


Well Hello Dolly!

Many of the cats that come into care are friendly, but Dolly here is really friendly with a capital F! Her black panther like looks are anything but scary and at two and half years old, she just wants to play and be loved. Dolly has had access to outdoors and enjoys it so much she definately wouldn’t be suited to being an indoor cat. She has met several dogs on occassions and appears to be ok with them, so she could possibly share a home with a dog but it’s definately best she is the only feline in the household. Due to her gentle, friendly nature she could also do well in a household with children. As always, Dolly is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. If you think you could be a forever home for Dolly contact our office on 08453 714216.

South Ayrshire branch is very lucky to have a working partnership with the Pets at Home store in Ayr, and this month they are running their “round to a pound” campaign to help support animal adoption. Customers will be asked to round up their purchase total to the next pound, and the resulting extra funds will be donated to SA Cats Protection at the end of the month. Anyone adopting from us, also gets a 10 per cent discount voucher for Pets at Home so this is an ideal chance to give us twice as much support! The green tokens in the Asda Girvan store, meanwhile are mounting up but we still have a way to go, if we are to receive the top donation! So when your till operator hands over the token, make sure it falls into the right slot - all three charities will get a donation though, so no-one misses out.

We are still seeing many unneutered tom cats wandering about, which will lead to numbers of cats to be rehomed in the future being too bg to be manageable. Please remember to neuter your male and female cats and we will provide vouchers to assist with the costs of this procedure.