Cats’ Corner

These kittens are looking for a rural home.
These kittens are looking for a rural home.

A couple of months ago, South Ayrshire Cats Protection appealed to readers to help us find rural homes for a group of semi-feral youngsters who had been inside in care for a year.

Well we now have a group of six rural mousers in care and the mission is to find suitable homes by the end of the summer! These are kittens who have been born in the wild or on a farm in hiding and have had minimal human contact so understandably are slightly overwhelmed at their current situation. They have not been trapped young enough to give us a chance at working with them in hope of becoming domestic so they really need outside homes, with shelter, where they can come and go at will. They will still need access to fresh clean water and fed proper cat food regularly - but don’t worry this won’t deter them from catch mice. The really good news is we have neutered and vaccinated them so there are no worries about more unwanted kittens or disease.

As with any cat, South Ayrshire Cats Protection is on hand to provide support and advice throughout the cats life. Many would-be owners are put off by the word feral and have images of some hissing spitting cat that flies at their face if they happen to walk by within three feet - this is not the case at all, so if you live in a suitable rural property ring us on 08453 714216 and have a chat about rehoming two or more of our magnificent mousers.

Fundraising efforts continue with our yellow moon childrens catalogue scheme, and our rag recycling scheme, but many thanks go to Alice Blakemore who did a sponsored walk recently despite the weather! We hope to have a grand total of how much she has raised very soon. If you would like to do your own fundraising event on our behalf, we would be very grateful just contact Karen, our Fundraising Officer on 08453 714216.