Cats’ Corner

Whats not to love!

This very cute duo are Google and Thumper. Google is a rather large (but not overweight) four-year-old tabby, and as you can see he likes taking the whole of the bed! His pal is Thumper, a white (with pale brown and gray patches) three-year-old. Thumper is rather special in that he is a polydactyl - he has extra toes on his feet, which makes no difference to his health or mobility. These two lads are both neutered and must stay together as they have a strong bond. Thumper is rather shy at the start but when he gets to know you he will “talk” away to you. Both boys are very friendly. Google has been known to plonk himself on your paper or computer keyboard until he has been satisfactorily cuddled! We are looking for a home where they can both get outside access but preferably not in the immediate Prestwick area as it would be likely they will try and return to their previous home. They are both fully vaccinated and microchipped. Google and Thumper are currently fostered in Pinmore, near Girvan if anyone would like to meet them with a view to being their new forever home.

Our move to our new premises at 5, River Street has gone quite well although we are still in a sea of boxes. We are attempting business as normal so anyone ringing our phone number (which remains uinchanged) - 08453 714216 is asked to remain patient and leave a message. Our volunteers will return the call as soon as they can.

There is still time for potential fosterers to apply to assist us with our large waiting list of cats to come into care. Cats Protection cover all costs associated with fostering and all we ask is some of your time, space and tlc! We will also consider anyone with a large secure garden (perhaps they are unable to maintain the garden fully or don’t want to actually look after the cats themselves) who would let us install three or four purpose built pens (foster cats are not allowed to roam free) and allow a small team of carefully screened volunteers to look after the pen on a daily basis with no disturbance to the residents of the property. This would be a brand new approach to fostering, and would require careful discussion between all parties to get the go ahead. So if you have a bit of ground space empty and think you may wish to help, please contact us at our office, with no commitment at this early stage.