Cats’ Corner

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Several weeks ago South Ayrshire Cats Protection introduced you to a beautiful young cat called Jello.

Sadly no-one has expressed an interest in rehoming her, which we find rather hard to believe! This two-year -old stunning dark tortoiseshell is very sweet and good with kids of all ages. Jello has been patiently waiting for a home to call her own, where she is the only pet in the house and she can get a nice garden to roam about it. Jello is chipped, vaccinated and neutered so very much a ready to go pet. If you would like to meet Jello ring us at our new office (5 River Street, Ayr) on 08453 714216.

Last weekend we found a petite gray tabby-style cat, near the Arran Park/Kingcase area of Prestwick, wearing a silver glittery flea collar. Sadly she is not micro-chipped so we are having trouble locating her owner, but someone must be missing her so please contact us if you are missing your cat. Microchipping is such a cheap (around £15) easy procedure that involves a small chip smaller than a grain of rice being inserted under the skin with a unique code on it, registered to your name. It doesn’t hurt the cat and all vets/animal charities have scanners so any time a cat is found, a quick wave of a scanner over its neck tells us exactly who owns and loves them - allowing a speedy reunion and return to family life. It has also provided some unlucky owners with closure in the event of a road traffic accident. Please get round to microchipping your pet before its too late.