Cats’ Corner

South Ayrshire Cats Protection are having a very busy time of it just now with around 18 kittens in our care as well as a couple of pregnant mums under our watchful eye!

This means that our waiting list of adult cats (many of whom are only one to three years old) which currently stands around 57 doesn’t get any smaller. Each of the 57 cats on the waiting list were once a small cute bundle of fluff that people couldn’t wait to take home. With foster space decreasing, kittens and cats needing to be rehomed increasing these are difficult times for a small self-funded charity like ourselves to manage. Much of this pressure could be avoided if more of us took the time to make sure our pets are neutered - its a simple, quick, cheap day surgery that won’t change your cat’s personality and will give it many long term health benefits. By calling our office on 08453 714216, you will receive a voucher of around £24-£27 towards the cost of neutering, leaving you the balance of around £20 to pay to your vet. This small effort can make a huge difference in the long term to our work and the feline population of Ayrshire so please pass on our number to any friends, family or neighbours with an un-neutered cat.

Now for some bad news: Just off Adamton road in Prestwick, there is a small road that cuts through several blocks of flats. Many people use this “back” road to leave the area as its often busy on the main road due to two supermarkets. The back road has speed humps and is marked 20mph and children playing. Unfortunately in the last six months there have been five hit and runs involving cats, which the Cats Protection have been called out to help - in the majority of cases it has been too late and all we can do is try and trace owners to put minds at rest. According to law, hitting a dog with your car and driving off is an offence. Sadly, the phrase “its only a cat” is applicable otherwise. One wonders if that was the thought in the taxi driver’s head recently, or in the woman driving the large red car, maybe they weren’t aware they had hit something or thought it was an extra speed bump. Cats are part of families, please adhere to speed limits and if you do run over a cat, do the decent thing and stop, check for a collar or call Cats Protection (we may have a volunteer available to scan for a chip). There is a good chance the owner is nearby and can get essential vet treatment to help minimise the animals pain.

One cat suffering mental pain right now is Jello. This sweet natured two-year-old tortoiseshell arrived in our care many months ago as she was pregnant. Her babies have long sinced settled into their new homes but no-one has expressed any interest in mum, leaving volunteers baffled! Jello doesn’t like cameras or other pets, but she does like children and the outdoors and lots of stroking! She has been neutered and microchipped and is waiting to meet some humans to love, if they can just pick up the phone and call our office on 08453 714216.