Cats’ Corner

South Ayrshire Cats Protection are looking for a forever home for Ribbons - a beautiful grey and pastel 18 month-old-female.

She was abandoned by her owner (for no reason relating to her) and is now looking for a family to call her own for the next 16 years! Ribbons is good with children but prefers to be the only pet in the household and would like access to outdoors once settled. She has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and given regular flea and worm prevention treatment and our standard adoption fee applies, so if you can provide a home for Ribbons, ring our office on 08453 714216.

SACP can provide help and advice to ensure you are a responsible pet owner who maximises your pet’s welfare. Crucially, as spring is round the corner, we cannot stress how important it is to get your cat neutered - this is a quick cheap straightforward operation which has many health benefits and your neighbours will thank you for it! We can provide vouchers towards the cost of neutering so it will only cost around £20 (dependent on vet used and other circumstances). If you cat is unneutered then you are contributing to the hundreds of unwanted cats throughout Ayrshire annually - we really need your help to keep local populations under control so that EVERY cat in Ayrshire can have the loving forever home it deserves.