Cats’ Corner

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Abby is a pretty three-year-old female tabby, who has been with the South Ayrshire branch of Cats Protection for several months now much to their confusion!

When she first arrived she was a little shy but has gained confidence and blossomed into a very friendly girl. Abby needs a house where she can be the only pet but would have no trouble in a household with children. She has previously had access to outdoors so after an initial settling in period, a home that can let her mooch around the garden would be perfect. As with all South Ayrshire Cats Protection cats, she is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and given a full health check. If you can provide a forever home for Abby please contact thr office on 08453 714216.

A spokesperson for cats Protection added: ”We also have many other cats in our care, suitable for a wide range of households and situations so please give us a call. It’s not too late to get your cat neutered and we can provide vouchers to help with the cost. All kittens born earlier this year, as long as they are 16 weeks should be neutered and certainly not let outside until such times. We are seeing an increase of unwanted kittens and “kittens having kittens” which poses severe health risks, perhaps even fatal. Every cat deserves a loving home but there are just too many cats and too few homes so PLEASE neuter your pet - its kind and provides positive health benefits.”

South Ayrshire Cats Protection are available for advice and support on any aspect of cat health/ownership and can be contacted at our office at 5 River St, Ayr or via facebook.