Cats’ Corner

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Luck has not been on the side of Lily, Missy and Inky in their reasonably short lives.

They have all previously been in our care before finding a good home that we all thought would be theirs forever. However, nothing is guaranteed in life and sadly their owner’s situation changed forcing her to hand them back to us. Some people’s stories are heartbreaking and upsetting for all concerned.

In this case it once again leaves these three beautiful cats in care whilst waiting for a new home. They are not very settled in the pens, probably because they’ve been here before and just want to go home to where they are comfortable. We are very anxious to find them a home together as soon as we can and get them out of their foster pen and into a settled situation.

We realise this is a big task as taking on three cats is a massive responsibility. Normally we would separate them into a sympathetic pair and a single cat. However, these three are all so very strongly bonded, obviously being in the same social group. They all groom each other, sleep together, eat together and it’s difficult to know which one would be the one to separate off. We would love to find that special person with a big enough heart to take the three together and give these three cats the permanent and stable home that they so deserve. We would be looking for a reasonably quiet home with access to a safe garden, well away from roads. They have been used to a quiet dog around the house but we feel they would be better in a home without any young children. All three have lovely temperaments, being very affectionate and gentle cats.

If you think you can help these lovely cats, please get in touch by emailing or phone 0845 371 2759. Details of these cats and a few more in our care can be found on our website or visit us on face book Cats Protection Stranraer.

Despite widespread media coverage, including a spot on a regional newsround, there has been no further information about Peplow, the rare Birman/Chincilla cat who disappeared in Port William on March 22.