Cats’ Corner


South Ayrshire Cats Protection are looking for a forever home for the lovely Lexie, a one-year-old female white/tabby cat.

With very distinctive markings she is absolutely adorable and is so friendly that a household with other animals or children would be considered. Lexie enjoys a good conversation with you and a hint of a Dreamies packet and she is your friend for life! Lexie does have a heart murmur which may she may outgrow or have no issues for a long and healthy life - or it may start to cause some problems at some point. Should this happen South Ayrshire branch will pay for any related vet bills for the rest of Lexie’s life - she has a lot of love to give and receive and deserves a chance to be a happy normal cat, with a loving forever home. Lexie has been fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered without any problems and just needs an owner with a big strong heart to love and cherish her. If you can offer Lexie happy ever after then please contact our office on 08453 714216.

This is the same phone number to ring if you would like to receive a voucher towards the cost of neutering your cat. Already unwanted kittens and coming through our door, including those who are two to three years old and are being replaced with a younger/cuter model! Please be a responsible cat owner and do this quick, cheap, safe procedure that has many health benefits for your cat. Cats do NOT need to have a litter before being neutered and should be neutered from 16 weeks old.

Further information and advice is available from the Cats Protection or your vet.