Cats’ Corner

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As the end of this week is national black cat day, South Ayrshire Cats Protection would like to celebrate it by finding two forever homes for a couple of lovely black felines.

Dusk and Dawn are sisters and have been in our care since their humans went to live abroad and would desperately like to be settled in a new home and loving family before Christmas. They promise to ward off any Halloween spooky spirits from your door and give you many years of love and companionship. Since coming into our care, it seems Dusk and Dawn are happier living apart from each other, but are both very friendly. At nine-years of age they are still young enough to be playful, yet mature enough to enjoy a quieter pace of lots of cuddles. Both girls have been fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, neutered and given a full health check. So if you would like a household of good luck then contact our office on 08453 714216.

We are also delighted to announce we are running a £5 neutering project throughout November. Get your cat neutered at your normal vet at the bargain price of £5. This simple quick operation, can bring many health benefits and is a standard part of responsible cat ownership. If your cat is not neutered, then you are one of the reasons there are hundreds of unwanted homeless cats locally. If you want to get your cat neutered, but transport is an issue, we may have some volunteers who can help, so don’t delay and contact our office to get your cat neutered (which will also include a health check).

Halloween is the spookiest day of the year – so warn off bad luck with a lucky black cat!

Traditionally linked to witches, black cats are believed to bring good luck – yet the charity finds them the hardest felines to rehome.

So the South Ayrshire Branch is hoping prospective owners will choose the spookiest time of year to adopt their very own lucky charm.

South Ayrshire Cats Protection said: “We don’t know why they seem to be less popular than other colours but we have many black cats at the moment and would love to see them find new homes.

“Since they are considered to be lucky, giving one a second chance could bring good fortune to you both!”

More myths and legends surround black cats than any other colour. Here are a few superstitions and facts:

Sailors’ wives kept black cats as they believed their presence would protect their husbands from the dangers of the seas.

If a black cat enters your home uninvited and settles on your hearth, then any business in the family will prosper.

Black cats are associated with being witches’ partners, favoured for their ability to blend in with the night. In fact, the theory that cats have ‘nine lives’ comes from the belief that witches could shape-shift nine times into a black cat.

King Charles I of England is probably the most famous person in history to have owned a black cat. He believed his black feline brought him good luck so he made sure it was guarded every day. In a strange twist of fate, the day after the cat died the King was arrested by Cromwell’s troops.

If a black cat crosses your path, you should look up to the sky and before you return home you may find some money.

If you would like to adopt a black cat, then please phone Cats Protection’s South Ayrshire Branch on 08453 714216