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Cats Corner

Meouw is a poor wee soul who is desperately seeking a forever home to settle in, that can provide her with the love and patience that she needs.

She is only two-years-old but has suffered a great deal of upheaval in her life and as a result has become quite fearful of the world and changing environments, so a household with no other pets or young children would be best.

Tortoiseshell cats can be a little bit highly strung and prone to giving the odd swipe of a paw if something is not to their pleasing - however, no matter how scared and unsure Meouw has been at times, she has never shown any signs of such behaviour and our fosterer already states that in the short time she has had Meouw and given her some peace and quiet to adjust, it looks like she will gain confidence to become an affectionate little lady! She has been neutered and vaccinated, as given a clean bill of health - just needs love! If you can meet her needs, please leave a message with our office on 03453 714216 and one of our volunteers will be in touch.