Celebrating our Queen at 90

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While the ratings for ITV programmes in general on Sunday nights have been very disappointing of late, this Sunday ITV has scheduled a special two hour documentary which might prove to be very popular.

In 1969 there was a documentary made called Royal Family, which offered viewers the chance of learning more about the Royal Family than ever before as it featured them in some informal settings. It drew large audiences because it was the first of its kind. However since then, there have been many other documentaries about the Royal Family.

This new one - called Our Queen at Ninety -features footage of the Queen going about her duties from last May onwards, interspersed with interviews from a wide range of people. These include eleven members of the Royal Family - more than have ever been interviewed at any one time for a Royal documentary.

There are also a number of other famous faces contributing alongside members of the public, all of whom want to celebrate this exceptional monarch who has reigned over us longer than any other.

This is a very positive documentary and one of its strengths lies in the fact that while the Queen herself honours the past and those people who have helped her down through the years, she is very much someone who is living in the present and who is determined continue serving her country.

While most people will have retired some twenty five years before their ninetieth birthday, the Queen is determined to work on past it.

As her actual ninetieth birthday is April the twenty first, one might feel that this documentary has been concluded a little prematurely because it might have been nice to have ended with some footage of the actual birthday celebrations themselves.

Ian K