Celebration of the cinema on television

The television world has always had a very interesting relationship with the film world.

Over the years there have been several programmes made about cinema’s output - Clapperboard, Cinema, Moviejuice, and Film 2014 – but few behind-the-scenes programmes about television’s own output.

It used to be the case the during the holiday seasons the two main channels were very reliant on movie blockbusters to produce good ratings.

It seemed for a time in the seventies in Britain, that people were deserting the cinemas in favour of television and that soon it would only be made-for-TV films that would be made.

However thankfully that did not happen and the film industry today is thriving with many films being made each year which are shown in cinemas before making their way onto DVD and television. For many people these days their television has become their own home cinema screen. There are many people nowadays who are not just interested in watching a film – they want to know as much as they can about it – hence the special features on many DVD/bluray releases. This Sunday evening on BBC 1 from nine o’clock, there will be a celebration of recently released films, when the British Academy Film awards are presented. These types of shows are popular for a number of reasons.

They allow their viewers to find out about some of the most popular films of the previous year. There is the opportunity of seeing various stars ‘as themselves’ presenting the awards. Viewers might want to discover if the films that they particularly liked managed to win an award. Some people might enjoy watching the winners’ acceptance speeches. And there will be some who will enjoy asking their fellow viewers: ‘Do you know what other films he or she appeared in?’ IAN K