Champion visit from gold medallist Steve

The school was very happy to get a visit from Commonwealth gold medallist Steve Frew.

As part of Sky’s Living For Sport campaign he spoke with Sports Academy pupils about ’That Friday Thing’ sports club and how they can make a difference in their community.

He also discussed goals and how to build confidence as well as focusing on what kind of role models the pupils would like to be when they are coaching.

Steve gave a presentation to S3 pupils about his life and how he found success, inspiring the younger pupils to achieve their goals. A gymnastics workshop was held in the PE department in the afternoon.

The workshop was taught by Sports Academy pupils with the support of Steve Frew. The pupils enjoyed well executed demonstrations from and the day ended in an insightful question and answer session. The talks and sessions were very beneficial and good fun for all involved.

On Thursday 11th February, a group of girls from S2 attended a Physics day hosted by Ayr Academy. The aim of this trip was to encourage girls to have an interest in Physics as it is often regarded as a male dominated subject. The day consisted of six different workshops which included talks and demonstrations to spark their interest. The day was successful and the pupils felt that they really benefitted from the experience and had an enjoyable day.

On Wednesday 17th February, S2 pupils took part in a workshop which focused on volcanic eruptions, where they had to predict volcanic eruptions using party poppers and metal bolts.