Come on down!

As I often preview games shows, it is not surprising that this week I should choose to highlight a new four part series all about TV game shows, starting this Sunday on ITV at 7pm.

In these programmes people compete in a variety of different ‘games’ in order to win prizes. Nowadays there are a number of celebrity versions of games show which originally featured members of the public. Back in the early days of television one of the main opportunities the general public got to appear on television was to compete on a game show.

There have been a vast number of games show screened over the years both on BBC and ITV. On ITV in the 60s the two main ones were Take Your Pick and Double Your Money both of which were amongst the most popular programmes of the time. However down through the years there have been many game shows which became hugely popular. One of the most interesting was The Golden Shot which only really became successful when Bob Monkhouse took over from its original host Jackie Rae.

The hosts of these shows are often the key to their success and in Britain many game show hosts were primarily comedians.

This history will be hosted by Bradley Walsh and will feature contributions from game show hosts past and present. Bruce Forsyth, one of the greatest of them all, will feature in the first programme where he will reveal the game show that he would have liked to have hosted. Also two modern game show hosts will be sharing their memories of 321 which was recently re-run on the satellite channel Challenge TV – which shows lots of old game shows from the past – and is TV heaven for fans of these kind of shows.