Comedian Des all set for Stranraer show

Comedian Des Clarke is all set for Stranraer. Picture by John Cooper.
Comedian Des Clarke is all set for Stranraer. Picture by John Cooper.

Comedian Des Clarke is gearing up for a date at Stranraer’s Ryan Centre at the end of this month as part of his first stand up tour in five years.

And the presenter says he’s looking forward to performing at a smaller venue on Saturday May 30.

He said: “I remember going down to Stranraer as a kid as I had family over in Ireland and we’d make the pilgrimage down there.

“I have memories of travelling down from Glasgow and feeling car sick on the way to Stranraer. It was more like a hostage situation than feeling you were going on holiday.

“But I love these smaller venues like the Ryan Centre. I’ve been lucky to perform at the Armadillo and the Hydro and they are great but shows like this give you no hiding place.

“I compare them to big teams going to smaller ones in the third round of the Scottish Cup, that’s real fitba’.

“And these venues are much more intimate and you get more close-knit banter so that’s hopefully what will happen on the night.”

Des’s tour entitled “The Trouble With Des” is his first stand-up tour in five years and the Ryan Centre date is the penultimate one of the 11-date tour.

Des said: “It’s been going great so far, I was lucky enough to be playing in Greenock the night Morton won the league, so half the battle was won as everyone was smiling and there was a great atmosphere.

“Falkirk was likewise and I always say the best things about these shows that people are taking the time to come and see you rather than going to a gig with three or four comedians.

“It was sheer laziness to be honest why I haven’t been out on the road.

“I love doing radio and TV but it was after doing the Commonwealth games closing ceremony last year when I heard people saying “Who is that guy, he’s quite funny? And I’m thinking that’s what my job is!

“So I was lucky enough to do a sell-out run at the Edinburgh fringe and it was off the back of that I decided the time was right to do a tour round different venues.

“It’s full of stories about the mental things that have happened to me like when I was in Amsterdam or when I was almost arrested by Prince Charles’s head of security.

“I still like doing the one-liners but I wanted this tour to be about telling real stories to the punters for an hour and a half.”

Des admits it’s a cliche but Billy Connolly was his influence along with the late Robin Williams.

“I know it’s the thing to say but Billy Connolly was my influence and he’s still brilliant even though he’s being doing it for 40 years. I loved Robin William’s high energy routine as well and it was so sad what happened to him.”

Des also has upcoming show on Radio Scotland called ‘Des Clarke exposed’ which will be on air from July.

“This is a stand-up and sketch show which is something I’ve always wanted to do and whilst I was writing new material for the tour, I was also writing sketches for this new show from the thoughts in my head. I’m ultimately proud of presenting but stand-up is where I feel I am happiest in my work.”

Tickets for the show are priced at £15 with Under 26’s going half price and are available from the Ryan Centre or by calling 01776 703535.