Council warns of bogus callers

South Ayrshire Council is warning local residents, and in particular vulnerable community members, to think carefully before letting any strangers into their home.

One incident took place recently in South Ayrshire in which two people turned up at an older persons home and gained entry under false pretences, saying that there were there to look at their care plan.

“These people were not genuine which is why we are asking the public to be extra vigilant,” a council spokeswoman said.

“Many people need the support of others to remain living in their own home and these people should be particularly careful about who they let in.”

Carrick councillor and South Ayrshire Council’s Sustainability and Environment Portfolio Holder, John McDowall, said: “If someone turns up at your door unannounced and tells you that they are here to examine you or check facilities in your home ask for identification and double check it.

“All too often when someone is asked for identification, if they are bogus, they will pull out a card, wave it in front of you and quickly return it to their pocket expecting you to let them in. Do not allow them access, ask to see their identification properly.

“If you are still not sure about them, or you are unable to read the card properly, do not let them in. Tell them that you are going to call their office, or that you are going to contact a neighbour – if they are genuine they will not mind waiting.”

He added: “Nobody should be alarmed; just take that extra few minutes to check identification before you let anyone into your home, it could save you a lot of misery.”

Anyone who thinks they have been contacted by a bogus person should call Strathclyde Police on 0141 532 2000 and ask to speak to their local community policing team.