Create good memories

How important a part does music play in your life? Do you like a variety of different kinds of music or do you tend to prefer either Scottish music, classical music or pop music?

And do you regard music as one of God’s great gifts to us? When I was young the music I collected tended to be TV theme tunes. In fact the very first record I ever bought was Acker Bilk’s Stranger on the Shore, which was the theme tune to a TV drama about a young woman who came from France to stay with a family in Britain. While this remains a popular piece of music, I suppose that few remember its TV origin.

I suppose I collected TV theme tunes because by playing them they brought back happy memories of the programmes I had enjoyed watching. Programmes which I knew I would be unlikely to see again, as back then programmes were rarely repeated and unlike now you could not buy them on DVD. But then music is great for recreating memories of times past. Often when we hear a certain piece of music we associate it with a particular time of our life.

One of the great things about being a human being, are the various good memories that we can recall whenever we want to be reminded of happier times. And while it is great to reflect on good memories, it is important that we do our best to create good memories for the future right now. That we ensure that our behaviour is such that we are creating good memories not just for ourselves but for other people too.