Each day God gives is special

Many of us are quite happy to go along living our lives from day to day, not thinking too much about what the future might bring us.

We hope when it comes to financial matters, we will be able to earn enough to pay the bills and perhaps have something set aside ‘for a rainy day’ – of which there seem to have been rather a lot recently. Sometimes we wish away much of our time by looking forward to our next holiday or to some special event that we can’t wait to arrive.

In so doing, sadly, we do not always make the most of the opportunities that each and every day could bring us, if we were prepared to take them.

We spend so long getting from point A to point C without taking in all that the journey itself has to offer us. And that is a shame, as each day that God gives us is special and unique in itself.

Quite unexpectedly something happens. As a result, we suddenly realise that whether we want to or not, there are going to have to be changes made to our lives. Many people are uneasy about this, as they tend to value stability and security.

They are not always keen on having unforeseen things happen to them. Most people not only want to plan for the future. They also want to see these plans turned into reality, with only the minimum of changes.

However that is not always possible.

However one of the marvellous things about us is that God made us to be adaptable. Often with God’s help, and if we put our minds to it, we can not only cope with the unexpected, but even sometimes make it work for us.