Entertaining talk for probus club

The Girvan Probus Club were entertained to a very interesting talk on Tuesday 11th February by Moira McAlpine a retired prison governor.

Fortunately she did not recognise anyone in the audience whom she may have come into contact with during her previous employment so she could talk freely on all aspects of her work.

Being a prison governor does not take place in the one prison and Moira covered many prisons from Cortonvale, Shotts, Peterhead and Penninghame to name but a few.

However Moira had the sad job of shutting Penninghame down as it had become surplus to requirements.

Sadly because unfortunately it put quite a few people from Newton Stewart out of employment.

The job had many humorous moments which the audience were well entertained to and Mrs. McAlpine’s reminiscences could have gone on much longer but all good things must come to an end.

Probus Chairman Bob Macqueen proposed a vote of thanks to Moira for her excellent talk showing his appreciation by presenting her with a bouquet of flowers, proving that he really is a romantic at heart, it being so near St. Valentine’s Day.