Every Sunday is special

These last few days it seems that every time I turn on the television it is showing a football game.

This is because Euro 2016 is happening and those in charge of some of the main channels feel that they should televise as many games as possible in this tournament, with the important ones being screened on BBC1 and ITV. This means that the regular programmes that are usually on at fixed times of the day, sometimes get shifted to different days or indeed get left off the schedules altogether.

As a result some people complain about this, as they do not like their regular television viewing being disrupted. However with the television schedules these days being much more repetitive than they used to be, with often the same programmes appearing every day instead of only once a week, perhaps that is no bad thing.

While for people who attend church regularly, every Sunday is special, most of them like it when there is a special service on such as Christmas or Easter or a baptism.

While most people appreciate a regular pattern to their lives – most people enjoy special occasions too. One of the interesting things about football is that while people often strive to be recognised for their footballing skills in any given game, most people accept that the real winners are the teams. Players that work together usually do particularly well. Religious groups also recognise that they are most effective when all their members are involved in the work that God wants them to do.