First fundraiser for martial arts group

TKS Martial Arts and Fitness Charitable Trust based in Ayrshire runs schools in areas of deprivation, whether financial or isolated.

Corinne Thorpe, Chairperson of the Trust, says it offers a unique insight into fitness and martial arts.

She said: “Our ethos within these classes is discipline, focus, respect for the individuals and the whole community.

“This in turn has a positive impact in the lives of our young children going into their adult life and offers them the stepping stones to a fulfilled and positive future.

“We have students from all walks of life including children with special needs either mental or physical. There are no boundaries or limitations in our classes.

“All our classes are run by donations either individual or by Big lottery and also local trusts including the Moffatt Trust.

“Most of the classes are free of charge allowing these communities to take part in a service that doesn’t exclude pupils because of money.

“With this in mind, as with most charities we are always looking for new ways of obtaining extra funds.

“We are holding our first fundraising day in Dalrymple on February 21 and looking for some donations whether in the form of vouchers, products or services.”

Corinne is contacting local businesses and individuals for support and her contact details include their website; Facebook page TKS Martial Arts and fitness; charitable trust SCO 44453, and her telephone number is 01655 889977.

The website has a summer camp page that shows the impact the Trust had last year with its summer programme that was fully funded by the Moffatt Trust based in Ayrshire.

Any donations received will be gratefully acknowledged.