First meeting of 2015 for Pinwherry WRI

Mrs Wyllie welcomed members to the January meeting of Pinwherry WRI on Monday 12 January.

Minutes of November and December’s meetings were read and approved. After business was discussed Mrs Wyllie introduced Mrs Wilma Gracie from Barr who really needed no introduction to most people.

Members enjoyed making a chicken magnet using polystyrene, tins and sequins. With the help of Wilma who helped everyone showing us what to do, everybody went home with a fridge magnet.

Mrs Wyllie thanked Wilma for a most enjoyable evening.

Competitions: 1: Three oven scones: 1st Margaret Hair. 2nd Grace Dunlop. 3 Jean Wyllie

Competition 2: Favourite bracelet. 1. Jean Wyllie. 2. Morag Campbell. 3. Margaret Hair