Fit family bootcamp


On Thursday, September 15 all the boys and girls from Cairn Primary took part in an outdoor Fit Family Bootcamp.

Parents were invited to join their children to take part in a range of exercises led by the Active Schools Co-ordinator.

The event was to celebrate the opening of the schools new track, which was laid in the summer holidays.

This new track allows pupils to go outside, in all weather conditions, to run their daily mile and it also gives access to their trim trail.

Parents and children took part in a range of exercises including squats, sit-ups, shuttle runs, press ups and the dreaded burpees!

Everyone had a super day and regardless of fitness levels were encouraging each other to keep going for the full length of time.

The sun was shining; there was plenty of team effort, and even some competitiveness between parents, pupils and teachers!

Diane Owens, Principal Teacher, said, “We are extremely grateful to the Awards for All Big Lottery Fund and North Carrick Community Benefit Company without whom this would not have been possible.”

Pictured above are some of the participants.