From pitches to riches with Dragon’s Den

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Dragon’s Den is a very successful TV format in many countries around the world. But how would you classify it?

Is it a reality show? Is it a game show? Is it something else? It has been going here now since January 2005. Each programme contains a number of entrepreneurs who want to get some more money to invest in their business. They go into the ‘Dragon’s Den’ where they find five very successful business people.

They have to do a three minute pitch as to why the ‘dragons’ should invest in their business.

There is then a question and answer session during which the ‘dragons’ have to see if they are willing to invest some of their own money in this venture, in exchange for a percentage share of the company. On some occasions none of the five are willing to invest and so the entrepreneur goes away empty-handed.

On other occasions the offer that is made is not accepted by the entrepreneur and so he/she goes away empty handed. And on some occasions there is a deal struck between entrepreneur and ‘dragon’ or dragons. As a country we are very dependent on new ideas and new businesses and so hopefully this programme should produce a number of successes which not only benefit the people involved but benefit us all as well. On Sunday at nine o’clock on BBC2 there is another chance to see Dragon’s Den – Pitches to Riches which is hosted by fan Richard Osman. It looks back at some of the highlights of the past thirteen seasons. In addition it will reveal whether some of the successful pitches went on to make a lot of money.

We will discover what happened next to Jordan Daykin, the programme’s youngest successful entrepreneur.