Gazette editorial- Carrick has done itself proud

It has been quite a week for the region of Carrick between several different events which highlighted all the good of the area.

On Sunday, what a delight it was for the Gazette to see almost 4,000 people turn out to support the first ever festival of food and drink in Ballantrae.

Despite the weather not being at its best, the crowds queued in numbers to get a taste of what was on offer.

The event was organised superbly well and all the stall holders felt the benefit of coming down to an event to showcase their products.

These sort of events along with the regular farmers markets that are held in Ballantrae are an ideal way of boosting the local economy and bringing tourists from far and wide to the area.

People from across Ayrshire flocked to the village on Sunday afternoon keen to show their support for local produce and long may that continue.

The figures in attendance were beyond organisers wildest dreams and showed with the right publicity and positivity behind an event as well as the attraction of star names, people will turn out in their droves.

Carrick also did themselves proud at the Ayr County Show on Saturday afternoon with champions coming from Maybole and Ballantrae.

It is always terrific to see places and people in Carrick defy the odds and with the hard work that goes on at the farms in this area, the Gazette are confident there will be successes from Carrick across the county shows this summer.

Carrick also did themselves proud at the general election, significantly increasing the turnout from the last general election, with voters remaining engaged since last years independence referendum.

Therefore it was very pleasing to see Carrick voters turn out in big numbers on Thursday.

Carrick is full of great communities and that spirit running through them was on full show this week.