Gazette editorial - Firms must play fair over pay

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WITH the gulf between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ becoming ever more apparent in the wake of the banker bonus scandals, we can only welcome the motion now before Westminster backing the JustPay! campaign for Living Wages.

In signing the House of Commons initiative, Carrick’s Labour MP, Sandra Osborne, is also calling on major employers for their support.

She points out that 3.5 million people in the United Kingdom earn less than £7 an hour, while chief executives of the country’s largest companies are chalking up an average of £4.2 million per year.

The key issue here is for workers to be given a living wage, as against one that simply complies with the legal minimum.

Not every small business in Carrick is in a position to reward hard work with enhanced salaries.

And we accept that it is far better to pay what is possible to create jobs and start up new enterprises in the hope for all concerned that eventual success will bring suitable benefits for all concerned.

But there is a view held by some less-than-philanthropic ‘fat cats’ that they can get away with paying peanuts just because their workforce have nowhere else to go.

That attitude is never going to generate a proper work ethic and will always be morally bankrupt!