Ghostly apparition is not what you want to meet on a lonely road

There are always things to make us stop and ponder, and when we cannot conceive of a logical answer we put it down to the supernatural.

Did you know that a stretch of the A75 between Annan and Dumfries is supposed to be haunted?

Large hens have been seen to run across the road which on investigation has proved impossible as there are no hens in the vicinity.

Can you imagine driving at speed only to see a large hen run in front of your car?

An immediate decision is required, a swerve to avoid a hen could prove fatal with the large volume of traffic always on this busy road and who to blame particularly if it was found to be a ghostly hen.

The other alternative is to run over the hen and you will appreciate that it could make quite a mess of the underside of your car.

Another apparition on this part of the road is that of a middle aged man with a sack over his head and that is certainly someone you do not want to have any contact with.

Now there must be a reason for all these ghostly sightings which have been reported by several very reputable citizens.

Could it be that the beholders of these apparitions have just left a cosy fireside on a chill winter’s evening after listening to many tales of the supernatural, naturally told by an experienced exponent of the art?

The gullible listener is on his way home with all those thoughts of ghosts and ghouls flitting through his mind when the shadow of a cloud passing over the moon could bring all sorts of chilling thoughts to mind.

Glamis Castle apparently has many tales of the unexplained to tell, from a jogger in the grounds to Earl Beardie who it is told plays dice with the devil himself in an eternal game.

Are all these the manifestations of the supernatural or the mere wanderings of an overactive imagination?

I leave you to choose and look forward to seeing you next week.