Ghostly electricians and police constables haunt modern Ayrshire

Not all ghostly tales relate back to early times, as even to this day there are many reported sightings of paranormal activity.

One such tale concerns Ballochmyle Hospital which was located in the grounds of Ballochmyle House.

The hospital was built in a series of Nissan huts during the Second World War and continued in use until the year 2000 when a community hospital was built in Cumnock.

As recently as 1988 a nurse on night duty during her rounds spotted an old lady with grey hair wandering about in ward 14 but when she went to help her back into bed she had faded away.

Apparently this ghostly apparition of an old lady with long grey hair was known to frequent ward 14 but why ward 14 is not known.

Perhaps 13 would have been unlucky, but then are ghosts superstitious?

Another ghostly tale of Cumnock, this time New Cumnock, covers the former Knockshinnoch mine, when a pit electrician working underground repairing electrical panels felt the presence of someone behind him.

He continued working thinking that it was someone checking up on his progress but when this someone correctly pointed out an error he had made which he quickly rectified, he turned to thank his benefactor and found no one there.

The electrician made enquiries to be told that he had been totally on his own in that part of the mine and as far as everyone was aware no one had approached him and offered advice.

So there you are, a ghostly electrician with enough experience to see things done properly .

Cumnock seems to have had more than its fair share of ghosts. A council house erected as recently as 1960 was reputed to have ghostly connections.

In 1970 it was occupied by a police constable who then committed suicide, no mention is made of why, but from that date on it was said to be haunted and no one would accept its tenancy.

A local minister was brought in to exorcize it but to no avail and it continued to be impossible to let.

Eventually it was sold and strangely enough all the problems ceased and no further ghostly appearances have been experienced.

What was it that the police constable was trying to tell?

And why did he stop when the house was sold by the council?

I leave you to ponder on that problem. See you next week.