Girvan Rotary Club enjoy talk from Dr Tom Smith

Dr Tom Smith who gave a talk to the Girvan Rotary Club on his latest book.
Dr Tom Smith who gave a talk to the Girvan Rotary Club on his latest book.

The Girvan Rotary Club thoroughly enjoyed a talk from Dr Tom Smith on a book he has published last year.

Tom who stays in Pinwherry has been writing since 1977, after spending five years in full-time practice in the Stinchar Valley, then seven years in medical research based in Southampton, he returned to South Ayrshire in 1977 to write full time, but has always kept up with medical practice by doing locums locally and in the Western Isles. 

For 25 years he and his wife Mary ran medical conference reporting business, and is still writing for journals and newspapers.  Tom is also the doctor on the BBC Radio Scotland Morning Show and the Fred MacAulay show. 

His talk at the Girvan Rotary was on his book, ‘Physical Intelligence,’ which was published in the summer of 2013.  Based entirely on medical research findings published in reputable journals, it explains why some people put on weight and others don’t, analyses what influences weight gain, and how anyone can control it using logic and reason. 

It also blows apart many of the myths about food, drink, and exercise that are still promoted daily in magazines and the rest of the media, often by people who have a hidden profit motive in doing so and have no medical or scientific background. 

It explains why diets don’t work and why we shouldn’t take extra fluids, vitamins and other supplements.  It’s underlying message is that if we understand how our bodies work and apply that knowledge to our daily lives we can all enjoy living actively and stop worrying about our weight or shape. 

The book can be bought online, at the Ballantrae Garden Centre, in Waterstones, and is available as an E book. 

Tom has written around 30 books, most of them commissioned self-help books for patients, but among them are three humorous books – A Seaside Practice, Going Loco and Doctor Have You Got A Minute? – based on his experiences in general practice.

His talk was very interesting and a barrage of questions followed. Thanks Tom for a great piece of entertainment, we all hope customers who buy your book can use his information and lead them to a slimmer self.