Give friendly Marnie a home in Carrick

South Ayrshire Cats Protection are looking for a home for Marnie. Marnie is a friendly cat - as you can see from her photo - laid back to the point of half asleep!

She is a 1 year old female with a stunning black coat, and has been used to living with other cats and children.

We don’t know how she reacts around dogs, but we do know she likes to have access to a garden.

As with all our cats she is vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and given a full health check.

If you think you can offer her a forever home please contact SACP office on 08453 714216. Please note we are getting more and more enquiries about pregnant cats, and kittens.

As per every year there are not enough homes for all the cats & kittens needing them, so please get your cat neutered - it brings many health benefits as well as helping the overall cat population and we can assist financially with the cost.

One un-neutered cat can generate 20,000 descendents in just five years.

Kittens as young as 16 weeks can become pregnant and so its best to neuter at this age - do NOT wait till six months as it is often too late and can seriously risk the life of your kitten.