Golden couple raise charity cash

Cameron and Mary Colquhoun
Cameron and Mary Colquhoun

Cameron and Mary Colquhoun, of Henrietta Street, Girvan, recently celebrated their Golden Wedding in style.

The couple started the day with a personal mass conducted by Canon McGee, followed by lunch at Malin Court.

The couple asked for donations to be given to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children charity and raised £150.

Mrs Colquhoun said: “We would like to thank Canon McGee for the lovely personal service with Mass to start off our special day.

“Secondly to our family and friends for beautiful cards and floral arrangements. Lorna and David for entertaining us with music; Lorna and Sadie who helped me choose such perfect hymns for our occasion. Our day continued at Malin Court, thank you to all of them too for such personal service and excellent food, always first class.

“I must mention Ormond Street Hospital, we were delighted to receive £150. Thank you to all for such a fine donation. Finally, to everyone who made our day special.”