Honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice

The symbol which is most usually associated with the Christian faith is the cross - the means by which Jesus Christ was cruelly killed.

His sacrifice means that those people who believe in Him will have eternal life.

However our salvation cost Jesus a huge amount. Not only was His life cut short, He also had to endure great pain inflicted on Him by those who did not understand who He was.

This coming Sunday, in churches and at war memorials, many people will gather together to remember. To remember the huge price that so many of our ancestors had to pay, so that we could enjoy the freedoms that we have today.

Many people made huge personal sacrifices in order to protect their country during the First and Second World Wars. We needed these people to make these sacrifices so that our country could be defended from those who would wish to take us over. There was a time when some of us believed that wars might be consigned to history. Sadly this has not been the case and in recent years some of us may have known people who have also died in modern wars while defending our land and values. Remembrance Sunday is a very important day of the year. It is a day on which by wearing our poppy and spending some time in quiet reflection and gratitude, we are honouring the memories of the brave men and women who were prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.