It’s a dog’s life on ITV this week

Puppy Secrets is on ITV this week
Puppy Secrets is on ITV this week

In recent times ITV has done very well with programmes about dogs.

This week the channel screens the first of two new programmes Puppy Secrets: The First Six Months, at 8pm on Wednesday night. For anybody thinking of owning a dog this should inform them about what they could be faced with in these early months of a puppy’s life.

The programmes will focus on four very different litters and will show what happens to them during the early weeks of their lives. The puppies featured in the series will be – three Chihuahuas; six puppies which are a cross between a Labrador and a Golden Retriever; eight Border Collies; and a rescue litter consisting of five puppies.

The programmes also look at what the humans in their lives can do to support them. It is important that the puppies manage to achieve certain things at various points in their early lives if they are going to thrive. Are they all successful?

The Chihuahuas are being reared by someone who does this as a hobby.

The second litter are being reared to work for the charity Dogs for Good, where if they make the grade, they can really change human lives. There is also a huge expectation placed on the border collies in the third litter.

Their father is the current English sheepdog champion and their mother is also training to become a competitive sheepdog. Could some of this litter also become champions?

It is hoped that in time the dogs making up the fourth litter will all find a home. In the course of the first programme, viewers will also learn some interesting facts about puppies, including what can happen to them at the important socialisation stage when they will go through a number of new experiences.