It’s goodbye to Granadaland

It seems that this is the time for television companies to reallocate to new studios.

After the fairly recent programme about the BBC moving out of Television Centre this Saturday sees another retrospective about another television company which is moving studios.

Back in the late 60s, 70s and 80s it used to be five local companies which made the bulk of television programmes for the ITV network – ATV/later Central; London Weekend Television, Thames Television, Yorkshire Television and Granada.

As someone living in Scotland I used to be intrigued by the card which used to appear before a Granada programme. ‘From the North’ used to say. Of course Granadaland was south as far as I was concerned!

However Granada always used to make lots of interesting drama and variety programmes, including its most famous - Coronation Street. There used to be a rumour around that Granada had kept all of its programming. In recent years it has been revealed that sadly this is not in fact the case.

However it has kept more than most and a full run of Coronation Street episodes still exists!

Although how anyone could find time to watch them all now, is another story.

This documentary hosted by Peter Kay, will tell the story of Granada television up to the present day with the help of many famous talking heads.

But what most long time television viewers will be looking out for, will be the archive clips. When I watch shows like these I often think – ‘ I remember this and it is great that it still exists’.

Any viewers who enjoy watching the clips, can then check up on the internet to see if the whole programme is available to buy on DVD and to enjoy at their leisure.