It’s law and order made in Britain

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Over the years many television programmes which originated in the UK have been remade in America.

Some of the most notable examples have been Steptoe and Son which became Sandford and Son; ‘Til Death Us Do Part which became All in The Family; and The Office which stayed as The Office.

Law and Order UK on the other hand originated in America and this week begins its seventh season on Sunday at nine o’clock on ITV. The series will be on for the next six weeks and starts with a two part story which includes a train crash. All the episodes are based on American Law and Order episodes although with significant changes.

The first part of each episode usually deals with the police investigating a crime with the second part looking at what happens when the case comes to court. There are two new actors in this series –Georgia Taylor who plays Crown Prosecutor Kate Barker and Paterson Joseph who will be playing DI Wes Leyton.

Viewers who enjoy the early evening quiz programme The Chase hosted by Bradley Walsh will be delighted to see him returning to his old role of DS Ronnie Brooks. Of course he is not the first person to act and host a TV quiz show as Jeremy Hawk and Nicholas Parson were there before him!

Popular television favourites Peter Davison (Henry Sharpe), Dominic Rowan (Jacob Thorne) and Paul Nicholls (DS Sam Casey) will be returning to their roles with Sam’s character having a particularly stressful first two episodes.

The new series will feature a number of interesting cases and famous guest stars.