It’s Mary Berry’s Easter feast

Television has from its early days been interested in food and cookery programmes. Fanny Craddock, Philip Harben, Graham Kerr and Delia Smith were some of the cookery experts who used to demonstrate how the viewers at home could improve their culinary skills.

Nowadays the number of programmes which show viewers how to make interesting dishes has grown considerably and as a result there are many television personalities who have become famous as a result of their knowledge of food. In recent years Mary Berry has become one of the most famous as a result of her judging alongside Paul Holywood on The Great British Bakeoff. As the ratings for that programme grew and grew so has Mary’s profile. However it should be remembered that Mary was someone who had been writing cookery books since 1970 and has more than seventy cook books to her name.

When someone becomes very successful as a result of a television programme, producers are often keen to give them other programmes to present. This coming Tuesday at eight o’clock on BBC2 Mary is presenting the first of a two part series called Mary Berry’s Easter Feast. This programme combines Mary’s knowledge of food with her interest in Christianity. The people of most religions tend to consume special food at particular times of the year. People who follow the Christian faith are no different and these programmes will be looking at the special foods that are consumed around the festival of Easter. The first programme will be concentrating on Lent and Good Friday and in the course of the programme viewers will discover the recipes for making Simnel cakes and hot cross buns as well as learning what various communities around the world consume at this important time of the Christian year.

Ian K