ITV letting the public entertain you

Michael Underwood
Michael Underwood

What is it with ITV these days that they need to keeping on showing the same kind of programmes again and again?

Not content with following the very popular Britain’s Got Talent with Amazing Greys - another show highlighting talents - ITV have decided to schedule two rather similar programmes before these two.

This means that there are now four entertainment programmes in a row on ITV on a Saturday night, where some members of the viewing public entertain other members of the viewing public.

Why doesn’t ITV commission a new Saturday night family drama series at seven o’clock for a bit of variety? The new programme – Let Me Entertain You - at six o’clock is partly composed of clips that have been sent in of people doing ‘entertaining things.’

However it is immediately followed by ‘You’ve Been Framed’ which also features sent in clips of people doing ‘entertaining things.’ The thinking is that if viewers like these kind of programmes then they might watch two in a row and not bother to change channels. The presenter of the new show - Let Me Entertain You - is Michael Underwood who got his big television break winning an edition of the BBC’s 1997 entertainment show Whatever You Want.

He has been working continually and very successfully in television ever since. It remains to be seen whether the other participants in this new show - who will be singing, dancing and entertaining the viewers in their own unique ways - will not only entertain the viewers for the few minutes that their clips will last for, but will discover that this show marks the beginning of their TV careers.

Could some of these clips perhaps end up in a future edition of You Saw Them Here First? Ian K