January weather

The New Year came in quite mild but it soon turned stormy with severe gales on the morning of the 3rd and again on the evening of the 4th.

Between the 12th and 15th it was much calmer, in fact this was the longest dry spell since July.

The last two days were also dry but also colder with a maximum temperature of only 1.5C on the 31st.

The total rainfall, as recorded 2.5 miles east of Ballantrae was 171.9mm (6.76 ins) a little above the average for the past 16 years of 152.3mm (6.04ins).

The mean temperature worked out at 5.1C, a little above the average for teh last 11 years of 4.86C. The highest temperature was 10.9C on the 2nd and the lowest was -2.7C early on the 28th. There were four air frosts and 16 ground frosts.

After an early appearance of snowdrops on December 25th, the first daffodils came into flower around January 27th.