Joe and Jake sing for UK

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Nowadays when people talk about a TV song contest they might be meaning The X Factor or The Voice. However television has a song contest which is much older than either of those two programmes and it is on BBC1 this Saturday night at 8pm.

Originally there was only the one programme each year. Nowadays so many countries want to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest that there are additional programmes on earlier in the week as well. The winners of these semi-finals will compete alongside the singers from Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. All of these countries are guaranteed a place in the finals. Altogether some twenty six acts will be participating in Saturday’s show. The United Kingdom entry this year is You’re Not Alone. It will be performed by two past contestants from The Voice and was selected by viewers some weeks ago on a special programme. Interestingly enough while that show was on one of the minority channels, the Contest itself remains on BBC1. This year’s show will be coming from the Globe Arena in Stockholm and as usual Graham Norton will be providing the commentary for BBC1 viewers. This year there is to be a change in the way the voting is done. Now whether this means that the UK will do better than it has done in recent years, time will tell.

The Contest is usually spectacular as whichever country is acting as host makes a huge effort to impress. This is not surprising as it is probably the television programme which has the largest worldwide television audience in any given year. While it has its critics, there are many others for whom this show is always a lot of fun and one that they eagerly await each year. Ian K