John Cathcart met an untimely end at Lendalfoot

We will all have heard of the expression ‘History is happening around you all the time’.

Well it is true, but do you appreciate that this could mean that you may be a part of history yourself.

If you have done something eccentric or at least out of the ordinary now, there could be someone around who will remember it and pass it into history so that you may already have become the source of a tale to be told in fifty or a hundred years time.

We will all have heard the tale of Sir John Cathcart of Carlton who had a penchant for rich widows who invariably met an untimely end at Games Loup, Lendalfoot. That is until he met his match in May Collean (Culzean) who was wise enough to have perceived what had happened to her predecessors and pushed Sir John to his death at the same spot he had dispatched so many of his wives. I wonder whether he appreciated that his tale of dastardly deeds would have passed down through the centuries into folklore.

However it is not only humans who can pass into folklore as in St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Edinburgh there was a grey squirrel who caused quite a disturbance during services. The squirrel who became known as Cyril, although never having been caught the sex had not been determined, made regular appearances during services and was once seen drinking the holy water from the font.

He must have been quite a favourite with the congregation to have acquired the name of Cyril.

However when he started to come out and dash in front of the choir of St Andrew Camerata as they performed causing quite a disturbance in their ranks some attempts were made to catch him. These were unsuccessful, and who knows, he or his successors may still be causing some merryment for the congregations.

Another tale to tell is of Alexander Little, a local TV dealer in the mining village of Cronberry, Ayrshire who in 1961 surreptitiously dumped some useless television sets into a nearby loch.

Surreptitious he may have been but word soon got around and a number of the sets were recovered from the water by the local miners and once dried out worked perfectly.

Obviously the water had done something to the sets that Andrew Little could not and the local miners were canny enough to benefit from it.

There are unusual facts taking place around us all the time, but it takes an inventive mind to turn them into a tale worth the telling

See you next week.