Jungle show back for another run

This Sunday at nine o’clock sees a new series beginning, which will continue most nights over the next few weeks - I’m a Celebrity get me out of here.

It is one of several ‘big’ ITV series – including The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent - which are recommissioned every year.

There are some who say that it has already outstayed its welcome – while there are others who see it as one of the highlights of their viewing calendar.

When it first appeared I thought that it would be a one season wonder. I took the view that the various eating challenges and encounters with insects would be rather off putting for large numbers of viewers. However there are many people who seem to like seeing celebrities being put in difficult situations.

All the celebrities are volunteers and well paid for their participation. They tend to be people at the start of their career or people who want to revive their career.

However, I must say that I have always felt uncomfortable watching people being put in awkward and embarrassing situations for entertainment purposes.

Some people might claim that the show is an opportunity for people to test themselves. That in our fairly safe society this programme affords people the opportunity of testing themselves.

There are some people who watch because they want to discover more about the celebrities they think they know – after all human beings tend to be curious about what people they think they know are really like. How successful this season will be, will mainly be down to the choice of participants - which will not be revealed until Sunday. For many though, what truly makes it work, is the hosting of Ant and Dec whose likeable personalities make the show more palatable than it otherwise might be.

Ian K