Learning to get along

Our world has millions of people in it. Each one of them is unique and special. Each person has their own individual talents.

And each person has some things that they are not so good at. There are also a whole variety of different opinions that people have on such topics as religion, politics, literature, music, art and so forth.

It can be reassuring when we meet up with someone who has similar interests to our own.

It means that we have something in common. And something that we can talk about. However in time we usually find that we do not completely agree on everything.

Someone can say that they enjoy taking part in sports but they might not like all the same sports that we do. Most of us like it when we find other people who agree with our opinions on matters that are important to us, because it confirms that our views are shared by at least some other people. However the reality is that it would be very rare to find someone who agreed with us on everything.

And something we have to learn to do, is to get along with people whose view of the world on some issues can be very different to our own.

There are some people who feel that it would have been so much easier if God had created a world in which everyone was more or less the same. But surely it would have been a far less interesting world?

Surely one of the important things that we have to learn to do is to respect everyone that we meet and try our best not to offend or disrespect them by our words and actions. And hope that they do the same as regards us.