Living our lives the best we can

On Monday the talented and ever changing rock star David Bowie passed away only a few days after he had released a new album.

I was somewhat surprised by how the news of his death seemed to be the ‘main story’ for the rest of that day.

Many listeners and viewers phoned in to say how important he was to them, which might appear surprising as most had never met him.

However nowadays it is often the case that whenever someone in the public eye passes away, There is quite an outpouring of grief from people, many of whom only know that person through their work.

But perhaps it is not quite so surprising after all. All of us have people who have influenced us in one way or another at various stages of our lives. People who have perhaps inspired us either by their skills or by the way that they have treated us. Sometimes we are not always aware of the affect that what we say and do has on other people.

I remember once someone telling me that he felt that a family member had not made as much of his life as he could have done, with the talents he had been given.

I told him that not everyone would agree with him on that. When it comes to the Christian religion the belief is that the only person who can actually act as the Judge of someone’s life, is Almighty God himself.

We get it wrong when we feel that we have the right to negatively judge the life of another human being.

What we should be doing though is living our lives the best way we can and hoping that by so doing, we end up pleasing God and being an inspiration to others.