Maintaining a building’s quality takes time and effort

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I always feel very happy when a visitor makes a nice comment about one of our churches. ‘Oh what a lovely building’ they often say. I smile appreciatively.

However to maintain any church building these days takes a lot of time and effort. Invariably lots of people are needed to clean and tidy it and make sure that it is wind and water tight. People also work hard to ensure that it is as welcoming as it can possibly be. Achieving all these things though takes time and money. If we are going to continue to appreciate all the beautiful church buildings that we have all over our country, then we have to accept that they need to be maintained.

And that means that people will have to put in a lot of time and effort to make that happen. All buildings – if they are needed – have to be properly maintained. We know that is the case when it comes to our own homes.

We try whenever we can, to make sure that any minor repair to the fabric of our building is sorted as soon as possible, so that the problem is not allowed to get worse. Our religious life is also something that needs to be regularly maintained.

Most Christians, for example, find regular praying, church going, Scripture reading and reflection helps them to strengthen their faith and keep it in a healthy condition. We tend to feel most comfortable when we know that everything that needs to be done to our home has been done. We can sit back and enjoy all that it has to offer. We also tend to feel most comfortable when we know that we are doing our best to live our lives the way that God would want us to.