Make 2016 a better year for us all

As you read this 2015 will be drawing to a close.

It is natural at this time of the year to spend some time reflecting on all that we have been through in the past few months.

Most of us will accept that while this past year is unlikely to have been perfect for us, generally speaking it has been all right.

And that despite some of the setbacks and some of the mistakes that we may have made along the way, there have been many positive things that we have achieved and that we can be proud of. Looking back over the year also gives people a chance of seeing where perhaps they went wrong so that they can avoid making the same mistakes again.

It is also good to remember that compared to many other people in the world just now, we are in fact very fortunate indeed.

It is important too to consider that while in recent days we may have spent some of our time celebrating this festive season with lots of good food, there are sadly many people in the world today who are sadly not able to enjoy even the basic necessities of life.

All religions want their followers to consider what kind of future they want to help build for their society and also for the world. The Christian faith teaches us that we all have a responsibility to try and create a world where every single person is valued because they were created by a loving God. While it is too late to do much about 2015, let us all do what we can to make 2016 a better year not just for ourselves and those around us, but also for the rest of the world as well.