Make me an egghead

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One of the most popular BBC2 quiz shows is Eggheads. It first appeared on our screens in 2003 and in time moved to its current popular early evening BBC2 slot, against news programmes.

Over the years, and alongside the seventeen regular seasons, there have also been some spinoff shows, including one called Are You An Egghead? (2008/9). The two winners ended up becoming members of the Eggheads Team. Starting this Monday at half past six on BBC2, there is the first episode in another new spinoff series called Make Me An Egghead. In this show, hosted by Jeremy Vine, some members of the public will be competing against each other in order to win a place on the Egghead Panel for future series. The production team is looking for two new people who are deemed knowledgeable enough about a whole range of different subjects, in order to qualify to become an Egghead. You could say that this new programme is a quiz show to find people who can take part in lots of quiz shows. There are a variety of different subject areas in this programme including – science, politics, history, arts and books, music, food and drink, film and television, geography and sport. In this competition each contestant will be asked up to three multiple choice questions on one of these subjects. The person who wins a round then gets to choose someone who is already an Egghead in order to help them in the final general knowledge round. The more rounds a contestant wins then the more Eggheads they end up having to help them. This is the programme which gives those people who sit at home and maintain that they ‘could do better than the current Eggheads’ a chance to prove whether they could do that or not!

Ian K